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Collecting Supplies

Trading card, matchbook, postcard and comic book collections stay in mint condition with acid-free pocket pages and sleeves from dotpattern.

Quickly find products from Amazon's huge inventory selected for your specific interests:

What product do you need?

pocket pages for binders
    interactive display
top loaders in many sizes
    interactive display
plastic sleeves
deck protectors
comic bags

What do you collect?

trading card games
matchbook covers
comic books
concert tickets

See product reviews of the major storage product brand names.

Photo storage supplies - pocket pages and rigid-plastic toploaders.

Trading Card Supplies - 9 pocket pages, toploaders, trading card soft sleeves, deck protectors and collector's albums from Ultra PRO.

Postcard Supplies - soft sleeves and postcard storage pages.

Poster frames - use clear top loaders to frame large artwork, up to 29 x 43"

Matchbook cover Storage Pages - three different sizes of acid-free storage pages for 3-ring binders to protect midgets, standard 20-strike, oversize matchbook covers and match boxes.

Ultra-PRO®- Use the best quality supplies to store and protect your collection.

Choose from a wide selection of supplies for collectors – including Ultra-Pro pocket pages in twelve styles, or collecting supplies including trading card sleeves, and five sizes of comic book bags. You can also find a top loader to store any size paper — from baseball cards to large posters and photographs.

Storage product Guide: Facts about archival quality plastics and mylar used to store paper memorabilia and ephemera, and more info about collecting supplies that can be used to store and protect your collection.

Learn about paper defects and grading posters for eBay and other auctions. Refer to these other articles (opens in new window) for more information about poster condition and grading, paper conservation and poster restoration.

See the complete list of collecting supplies to find the best products to display playing cards, tickets, matchbooks, Little Golden books, paper and ephemera.

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