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The 6-point grading systemcan be used to describe posters and other paper collectibles for eBay auctions.


MINT - No visible defects, virtually in the same condition as delivered from the original printer which may be flat, rolled or folded.

NEAR MINT - Minor defects limited to the unprinted portion of the border. The artwork is in excellent condition with no blemishes (see definitions, below).

VERY GOOD - Some defects in the unprinted border and up to about one inch from the border within the artwork. There may be small tears along the fold lines only, and only minor fading.

GOOD - Minor blemishes limited to the border and into the outer edges of the artwork. The majority of the artwork is free from defects. Tears or small holes that are smaller than a 25 cent coin on the edges of the poster. Pieces of the border may be torn or missing; there may be mild bleed-through in the outer area of the artwork; or mild fading.

FAIR - Major blemishes that directly affect the artwork of the poster. The poster is recognizable and the artwork is primarily intact.

POOR - Serious defects.




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Common poster defects:

  • Bleed-throughs or see-throughs — stains from backside bleed into artwork
  • Creases — Folded paper, but different from fold lines
  • Drill Hole — Round hole drilled by printer to hang poster by a string (not a defect).
  • Fading — Sun bleaching
  • Holes — Paper missing
  • Marks — Applied ink or other media
  • Rips — Paper missing
  • Stains — Residue of liquid spilled on surface
  • Tape — On front or backside, may or may not cause bleed-throughs
  • Tears — Ripped poster that retains all original paper (repairable)
  • Trimming — Parts of the border removed (to be avoided)
  • Wrinkles — Crinkling at edges, less severe than creases


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