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Paper collectibles gallery

Four galleries of paper collectibles and ephemera

Pinup calendars with the distinctive mid-century graphic style of artists Gil Elvgren and George Petty. See more pin up girl illustrations by T. N. Thompson, on display at the matchbook cover gallery.

A new exhibit of rock ´n roll graphics with images from concerts and nightclubs during the 80s. A big sticker of the Rolling Stones (with Brian Jones), advertisements and promotional flyers for Iggy Pop, Jimi Hendrix, Tuxedomoon, Devo, Killing Joke and other new wave and punk bands.
A collection of rubber stamps from Japan in 2003 featuring Astro Boy (known as Atomo Tetsuwan "Atom steel arm"), the Shinkansen "Bullet Train", and castles in Kyoto.
Product catalogs, luxury train brochures, menus and other paper ephemera with classic mid-century graphics and illustrations
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