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January and March 1959

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June & July 1959
August & October 1959


Monthly pin up girl calendar books with illustrations by artist Gil Elvgren.

"His heroines are often caught in humorous but distressing situations.. gorgeous girls-next-door, their skirts often blowing up to reveal lovely nylon-clad limbs."

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pin up girl for January 1959 - woman with jigsaw puzzle
Perfectly Fitted

pin up girl calendar for March 1959 - skirt caught
Caught in the Draft
[postcard format also known as: What's Up?]


Not skirting the issue - pin up calendar for June 1961
Smooth Lines


pin up girl in a rowboat
Out to Sea [postcard a.k.a. Hard to Handle]



Bare essentials - pin up girl in a natural setting
Brief Interlude [postcard a.k.a. Bare Essentials]


Garter and stockings exposed while bobbing for apples on this calendar for october 1959
A Fair Catch [postcard a.k.a. The Winner]


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