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Store your valuable game cards
in Ultra PRO deck protectors

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Mix colors - See below
- Ultra-PRO® trading card storage
- strongest welds at seams
- each deck protector 2 5/8" x 3 5/8 "
- clear front panel
- archival polypropylene, no PVC

Deck protectors are used by trading card game players around the world to keep their collection in mint condition during tournaments and duels. Each bag in the Solid Color Series holds enough to store 50 cards, and comes double wrapped in a resealable bag. Ultra Pro also makes special Chromatic, Fantasy, Satin and Metalized deck protectors. The following collectible card games have their own series of illustrated deck protectors:

Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, Naruto, Bella Sara

Each deck protector is a durable plastic sleeve - transparent on the front side, with a solid-colored background. When the card is in the sleeve, the color shows through the front panel as a border around the edge (see below). Please note that Yugioh cards are smaller (2 5/16" x 3 3/8") than standard size cards (2 1/2" x 3 1/2").

Shop for a selection of UltraPro deck protectors from Amazon below, and visit our trading card supplies page for more information about Trading Card Games - TCG and Collectible Card Games - CCG including Pokeman, Dragonball Z / GT, Star Wars CCG, Duel Masters and Yugioh.

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Deck protector colors
click for color sample: Raven Black Lava Red
Powder White Tsunami Blue Matrix Green

Ultra Pro Deck Protectors
50 sleeves per bag Bright colors to choose from

Ultra Pro Deck Protectors

(reduced image size)   50 sleeves per bag

Color code pokemon trading cards
and all types of game cards and baseball cards

Ultra-PRO Solid Series deck protectors in five colors:
white, green, blue, black & red

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