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trading card sleeves  

clear plastic sleeves to
protect any cards

card sleeve icon
100 / pack
- Ultra-PRO® Brand
- each sleeve is 2 5/8" x 3 5/8"
- top loading , open at 2 5/8" end
- strong polypropylene
- acid-free , no PVC
- 100 sleeves in each pack

Trading card sleeves protect valuable cards in your collection, including artist trading cards, baseball, playing cards & jokers.

Ultra Pro card sleeves are thin, but very strong, and crystal clear. Card and sleeve can fit into Ultra Pro top-loaders. Each pack of 100 cards comes in a clear zip-lock bag.

One soft sleeve is wide enough to fit 15 standard trading cards together at a time. Easily fits Yugioh and other trading cards. More samples of card sleeves below.

Prevents oil and scratches from causing damage to frequently used game cards for Star Wars, Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. Great for packaging anything for flea markets, from stamps and coins to lapel pins and jewelry.

ultra pro card sleeves

each zip-lock pack contains 100 card sleeves

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Playing cards, baseball cards and smaller game cards easily fit into trading card soft sleeves

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