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20 strike matchbook cover storage pages
20 strike

30 strike matchbook cover pages
30 strike

40 strike matchbook storage pages
40 strike

matchbook cover toploader
3 x 7 toploaders

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Matchbook Cover Storage Supplies

Store and protect any size matchbook cover in your collection with clear-plastic storage pages for 3-ring binders and rigid toploaders.

Archival safe storage presses matchbook covers flat. A convenient way to display hundreds of covers in a small package.

8 pocket storage pages are designed for common "20-strike" matchbook covers and mini's. Match boxes and 30 strike covers fit into 6 pocket pages. Large 40 strike and giant matchbook covers can be displayed in 4 pocket pages.

3-1/2" x 7" hard plastic toploaders are available to fit standard 20 and 30 strike matchbooks. Protects valuable covers for shipping.


Matchcover size: Storage product:
• 40 strike & feature packs • 4 pocket pages
• 30 strike & matchboxes • 6 pocket pages
ticket toploaders
• 20 strike & mini's • 8 pocket storage pages
tobacco card toploaders


Create a custom matchbook cover album with a variety of pocket pages in a standard 3-ring binder. Find just what you need for matchbook collecting supplies at Amazon.



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