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Featuring a large collection of playing card joker pictures showing a traditional court jester, harlequin or troubadour, and information about collecting. Currently 75 cards and twelve subject groups. View the first five groups in the joker collection, starting with acrobatic jokers.

The playing card collection opens with an interactive display. Also in development is a timeline and history of playing cards.

New exhibit: Le Petit Lenormand fortune telling cards. Phone cards designed by popular Dutch artist Joost Swarte.

The trading card collection: (coming soon) Unusual cards from underground comic artists ("Big Daddy" Ed Roth, R. Crumb, Drew Freedman) and rock groups (Beatles, Elvis).

Organize and protect your cards with brand name collecting supplies that we use at dotpattern including pocket pages and card sleeves made by Ultra PRO.

new exhibits:

Dutch phone cards
Le Petit Lenormand
juggling jokers
list of joker web sites

current exhibits:

dancing joker pics
jumping king wood toy
collecting supplies


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