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Phone cards from PTT Telecom

Illustrated by Dutch artist - Joost Swarte

Four Telephone Cards issued as a book set by the Dutch telephone company for the New Year's Holiday, December 1992. Click once on the image below to open the book. Double click to reveal the centerpiece of this well designed phone card set. Card front & back, below.


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2.1 n© November 2010, created: 7 February 2004 -- artwork by Joost Swarte © PTT Telecom 1992

115 minute phone card

4 minute telephone card

Joost Swarte lives and works in his Dutch hometown of Haarlem. Trained as an industrial designer, he was attracted to the total freedom of expression he saw in underground cartoons of Robert Crumb, Spain Rodrigues, S. Clay Wilson and Justin Green. By 1970 he started his own comic strips, made his first silkscreen in 1975 and continued to developed his distinct "single panel narrative" style that tells a story in one frame.