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This found object was originally used by Con Edison electricians in New York City as a temporary, tamper-proof lock on the glass electric meters. The color code and URA numbers remain a mystery.

Hundreds of spent meter locks were collected from the floor of electric closets in an old Garment District building. As mail art, the plastic locks are tied to a card with phone cable and bakery twine and stapled to another card to hide the wire (see below).





Protection used while painting premium quality house paint: brush, roller, spray gun, etc. The message was scribed onto this side of the card. The "Protection Index" image was scanned and printed multiple times onto the envelope, along with a list of moves from a computer chess game.



Multiple layers of stickers, tickets and bar codes used for this postcard, laminated below 36 lb. translucent, perforated business card stock. More gum labels and stickers on top.



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