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"Night or Day - Stay Del-Ray"

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The quintessential tacky postcard, featuring the guy that we fondly refer to as Chucklehead. He was the Manager of the the super fine Del-Ray Motel, "2 miles west of Indianapolis, Indiana on Rt. 40. Hot water, T.V., phone, fan every room. Friendly people." He appears in two other cards - the benchmark of motel postcard collecting.

Tacky features:
as listed in "The Worlds Tackiest Postcards"
© 1987 by Klutz Press

  • Wall-mounted phone
  • Mystery object (jello mold) [ bucket? ]
  • Air-raid architecture
  • Sani-Kleen Glassware®
  • Linoleum flooring
  • Textured bedspreads

And don't forget to look for classic 50s cars in the parking lot, glamorous fashions, neon signs, desolate locations and fiberglass furniture. More tacky postcards >




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