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«salvaged typewriters and keys»

Old style typewriters are getting hard to find on the sidewalk. You can sometimes find a good price in antique stores though, due to low demand. Each key above has a round chrome frame that holds a glass cover in place over paper dots printed with each character. Three tabs on the frame bend around the arm of the keyboard, anchoring it to the typewriter, making them very hard to pry off. New glass keys are sold in designer stores as cuff links.

Cast plastic buttons from another piece of office equipment with an uncertain future, the electric adding machine. Surely, there must be an adding machine appreciation club out there somewhere. View the pins & buttons gallery at dotpattern for other related exhibits.

The highest value on the keys of this salaged cash register (to the right) only amounts to $9.99, when a loaf of bread must have cost 5¢.


Finally, television channel knobs from the 50's. The great thing about these channel switchers is they never get lost in the couch because they are attached to the television set. Incredible low-tech solution to a common problem.



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